The 1st 3 months as a start-up, has been an enlightening experience and a journey which I am very happy to be on.  Setting up and launching  Pivotal Point into the SME market was a daunting prospect…  the fear of will it work?   Pivotal Point has been a work in progress for a while and it represents my passion to help individuals and businesses be the best they can be.  If you think of a business owner, frustratingly ‘pivoting’ from one part of the business to another – are they meeting their goals and aspirations for their business?  The 5 Step Pivot Plan is a great way to give an objective viewpoint to analyse if a business’s strategy is working and is it providing business growth?

‘Pointing’ my feet in the right direction, I have become immersed in networking.   Having networked with an established brand behind me, it’s a lot easier – everyone automatically wants to work with you.  In contrast, pitching your own business and brand is somewhat more personal.  The fear of rejection was raising its head a little, but I chose to ignore that!

But my concerns were short lived!   My experiences of the SME world in the last 3 months have far exceeded my expectations.  There is a myriad of networking groups and in each one, I have been offered support, advice, tips and the potential to collaborate.  Amid the fervent activity of networking, I had a great opportunity to see Matthew Syed (author, journalist, motivational speaker) give an inspirational talk in London on the effects and insights on having a growth mindset.  A growth mindset is prevalent amongst SMEs – I am now surrounded by individuals who are finding new strategies to innovate and grow their business.  No wonder SMEs in the UK account for 99.9% of private sector business equalling to £1.9 trillion, 51% of all private sector turnover in the UK (source: The Federation of Small Businesses)!!

Lots to look forward to in the next 3 months! Whatever challenges the future holds, it’s inspiring to be part of the SME market where innovation, collaboration, and synergy are at the forefront of discussions to ‘unlock growth’.  That’s not just my view, a view researched and documented by Amex in February 2018 via the Confederation of British Industry.

Through their size, SMEs can have an edge when it comes to agility, innovation and the ability to maintain strong customer relationships.’ (source: How SMEs are Unlocking Growth 2018)

Happy networking!