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“I run a small Personal Training business, however, running the business/money side is probably not my strong point. I needed some financial advice and how to manage my business more lucratively and got talking to Liz who then kindly offered to take a look at my overall account and day to day expenditure. 


Liz was so great and kept things very simple for me, came up with some really good suggestions on how to run my business more efficiently. I really appreciate her time and advice as I know she works on far bigger projects but she helped me see things more clearly and areas I could improve my business. She continues to follow up with me all the time.”

Tanya Pascal



“Liz has been working on business development with Lime Events Group helping to launch and grow the festival, Live Well London.  Liz was instrumental in helping us achieve our target for the launch as well as managing our clients’ expectations onsite  to ensure they achieved a healthy return on their investment and high levels of satisfaction ensuring they return for the next event.

Liz’s commercial acumen and insights into how businesses work, means she understands what our clients want to achieve which helped us deliver an experience which surpassed their expectations.  She continues to support is as we grow this event and launch others and is a pleasure to work with.”













Sam Willoughby, Founder and Managing Director (


“I worked with Liz once before and had no problems asking her to consult with me on devising a sales and training process for C2C’s  up and coming launch of our new mortgage software.


 Liz is a professional in all ways with her integrity and work ethic. She impressed me on her capacity to gets to grips with the problem, working with the team by listening and then advising.  Liz established the right course of action, creating the processes for C2C to integrate and take forward into our roll out.


I would happily recommend Liz and will be using her company in the near future.”

Dave Jones, Click 2 Check (

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